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Why do BABELís clients have easier lives?

There are about 300 translation bureaus all over the Czech Republic. So you have a real choice! They are all trying to outrival each other in order to win you or your company as their client. What are your greatest worries and how is BABEL trying to ease them for you.
Following are the questions frequently asked by our clients:

Client: I need the translation really quickly. We are an advertising agency putting translations to print and thereís no chance of getting anyone in any translation bureau after 6 or 8 p.m.!
Babel: Call our hotline 777-121276! The hotline is available 24 hours a day, providing professional advice, quick help and immediate calculation of your translation cost.

Client: We are ordering large translation amounts and the bureau charges us extra charges for promptitude. As a prospective client, I think I should rather get discounts.
We can offer you bulk discounts up to 10% of the amount charged for your translation. You may as well become a member of the BABEL Club and get an automatic 3% discount with all your orders. You just have to order at least a 50-standard-page translation each month.

Client: When I ask the bureau about the price, it seems quite low, but the final account is often double the price!
Cabel: Always ask about any extra charges you are being charged. Ask for bulk discounts, free test translations and any other benefits. Study BABELís price list carefully!

Client: Iím searching for a bureau for long-term cooperation but I donít want to pay for test translations to ten bureaus.
Babel: Test translations up to 3 standard pages are offered for free by BABEL. You donít want to get a wrap-up, do you? :-)

Client: I could bring other clients to the bureau. Will BABEL consider my help when accepting my orders?
Babel: Ask for being filed in the NETWORK CLIENT category. With regard to our clients, BABELís chief advantage is that we donít advertise much in the media, which makes our prices very competitive. And how is it we still have clients?

We take for granted references and references of our references. Get involved in the NETWORK CLIENT program and use your business partners and friends to lower your cost! You will find the NETWORK CLIENT conditions under the CLIENT CATEGORIES button.

Client: When ordering larger translations, particularly technical ones (amounting to 100 and more standard pages), more translators are involved in the translation, making the result rather poor: each part contains a different terminology, which can lead to faulty interpretation of the text.
Babel: Ask your bureau to use the TRADOS database to unify the terminology of a greater number of translators by not allowing them to use other than the already agreed words and expressions.

Client: Iím starting a business and I need to save up. The translations are too expensive for me. Can you help?
Babel: Ask for being filed in the START CLIENT category! You will find your category under the CLIENT CATEGORIES button.

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